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If a lie will remain a lie, I will believe otherwise, and make that lie a truth. A reality. Now with a Patreon page!!!


Welcome, Weary Traveller...

Sit, rest, gaze out at what is before you. See the peaceful confines of your room. See the relative peace of the world outside your window. Let these melodies soothe not just your body, but your mind, your soul. Once you are at ease, please, feel free to settle into a story or two.

As I've come to say... "Silence. Rest. Peace."


PATREON · 4:20pm Last Thursday

Well, I know this may be something some of you will dislike, but I now have a Patreon page. I will still make stories for free, no worries there, but if you guys support me on Patreon, I can do bigger and better things. For instance, streams, giveaways, and more! For any of you interested, go check it out!

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2681833 Mm. You are welcome. The story was good.

Quite an interesting list of libraries you have there. Thank you for adding The Aetherium Mage to them!

Thanks for the watch! Hope you enjoy my stories! :scootangel:

That’s for the fav and watch

  • Viewing 566 - 570 of 570
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