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Timeless Celestial

Ambition is the breeding ground of darker desires, as well as good intentions. Whether it leads you astray is up to willpower.


Welcome, Weary Traveller...

Sit, rest, gaze out at what is before you. See the peaceful confines of your room. See the relative peace of the world outside your window. Let these melodies soothe not just your body, but your mind, your soul. Once you are at ease, please, feel free to settle into a story or two.

As I've come to say... "Silence. Rest. Peace."


A Cold, Cold Thing... · 9:48am September 17th

A young, golden furred colt trotted through the moonlit streets in Ponyville. Not a soul was awake, and he wasn't sure he cared. He kept his silver eyes straight ahead, even though they were glazed over with contemplation. A set of headphones rested on his head, a certain song playing through them.

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2650219 Good, good~

*Cackles maniacally as he wrings his hands together*

Thanks for the follow and for adding Fallout Girls to your library! I try to update every two weeks!

2649448 Quick, Ryan, throw the cheese!

"We're all out!"

What?! Did you eat it again!? Dammit Ryan!


Aww, don't be shy! :pinkiehappy:

2649429 ACK! NEW PERSON! QUICK, HIDE THE EVIDENCE! *Smoke bombs go off everywhere*

  • Viewing 525 - 529 of 529
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