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News to Me, Probably not News to You · 10:27pm Nov 23rd, 2017

So, today, at around 2:11 PM PST/PDT, my adoptive older brother's story, Twilight: The Dragon Sorceress, has gotten featured once again, something of which I didn't know had even happened more than once. Then, I noticed it was at almost two thousand likes, (admittedly close to 500 away, but hey, I'm proud,) and I thought, "HOLYSHITMOTHEROFMARYJOHANSENJOSEPH!"

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Whoa, cheers for throwing my story into every bookshelf imaginable. Much appreciated.

2566322 I certainly do. Timeless Celestial#1965

Certainly! Also, do you use Discord? I would love to get to know someone who has befriended two of my besties!

2566293 I see... Well, I'd be willing to do so after I finish the next arc and the intermission that follows.

He is a new one, a draconic humanoid from the world of Monster Hunter, imbued with the power of an elder dragon and somewhat Celebrimbor from Shadow of war, still working on his first chapter, and he is having need of combat training, and, who better than a marine?

  • Viewing 452 - 456 of 456
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