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Luna knows loneliness like no other, trapped in the solitude of her own mind for a thousand years, unable to feel the warmth of another creature next to her. When Twilight and the Elements of Harmony freed her from her form as Nightmare Moon it reopened her world to so many emotions and senses that she'd long since forgotten. Now she is free, she is able to fill her heart with friendship and happiness and do things she hasn't been able to do.

However, deep down she is constantly plagued with panic attacks and fear about being alone and unwanted by those around her and although Celestia tries her best to help her sibling, sometimes help comes in the form of the ones you least expect.

Commissioned by: Kindabrony

Cover Image: Here by DarkFlame

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This story is a sequel to In The Line Of Duty

Tails From Equestria

What ponies and creatures need to understand is that times get tough and sometimes we can struggle to deal with the problems that inevitably build up around us and some are better equipped to deal with them than others. When you're unable to deal with the problems effectively then dark thoughts start to enter your mind, that's where you can lose yourself and move into the territory of self-harm, be it mentally or physically.

Proofread by: ClearVision
Edited by: LoneUnicornWriter

Disclaimer: No Death, Suicide Is Mentioned and Referenced Heavily
Being a sensitive subject I have made efforts to be respectful and have made no mention of methods or utensils involved in the act of self-harm or suicide. This is not a personal story, this is a provocative piece that I wanted to write. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy

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This story is a sequel to A Mother's Promise

Tails From Equestria

"Something that you should take on board, don’t underestimate the destructive power of an open flame, because it will reduce you, everything you own and everything you love in mere minutes..."

They say that there are many ways to learn to cope with tragic events, but what is a pony meant to do when such an event is too horrifying to cope with?

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Tails From Equestria

The season's are shifting into winter for Equestria, the most physically taxing time of the year, a tough time of year to be alone. Times can get tough, even more so for others. When times get tough they can also get lonely, sometimes you just need to sit down and talk about it, especially if you're a single mother with a foal on the way.

But, what if you have no-one to talk to? Surely, the life growing inside you will listen, right?

Chapters (1)
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