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Old Rage, Old Review · 5:57am Aug 25th, 2018

A long time ago I wanted to do Rage Reviews way back when. I found my old attempt to get into it.


I want to discover if I have that special place in my soul for shitty writing. Let's see if I calmly and snarkily make fun of this the whole way through, or if I snap like a dry twig and burn the whole thing down.

Rage Review:

The Six New Alicorns

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Basically Checked out · 7:52pm May 31st, 2018

I'm pretty much dead to the internet right now. Here, but not posting. PM me if you need something (admin-like).

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Boredom and Role Reversals · 6:45am Feb 27th, 2018

So, real talk... I’m usually the one who starts flirting with girls. I’m not the most handsome of fellows but I can be pretty charming when I have my shit together, so I’m almost always the initiatior.

I have never been on the receiving end until today and I now realize this is a large gap in my knowledge of how to handle situations.

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Guns, Politics and YOU’RE ALL IDIOTS! *cough* · 7:02am Feb 21st, 2018

I feel like being a bit political today.

Does anyone else think both sides of the gun control argument have just lost their minds?

On one side, you have a bunch of hysterical liberals who throw around words like “assault weapon” and don’t seem to realize that any limitations placed will be bypassed, legally or otherwise, within days. Who seem to think they can rip out something both physically and culturally ingrained in America that it’s really not feasible.

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Etymology of One “Mary Sue” · 5:56pm Feb 8th, 2018

I originally wrote this up for a now-dead group back in 2015, but it JUST. KEEPS. BEING. ASKED. ABOUT. Y’all need to know if yous character is a Sue? Here ya go.

So, three characters here. By the end of this, you should be able to tell which one is the Mary-Sue as a protagonist:

- Terra Shine, the very young alicorn found and adopted by Princess Luna herself after being trapped beyond time for many thousands of years, with much to learn about her powers and herself.

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New Chapter · 4:47am Feb 7th, 2018

Have entered the usual post-publication panic.

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I get to see the Star Wars premiere! · 5:21pm Dec 14th, 2017

Spoilers in the comments.

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Desert’ed Troubles · 5:05am Dec 10th, 2017

I’m not in any way bragging, but I usually have a pretty easy time making friends. Specifically with girls.

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Kuwait is Dusty · 6:30pm Nov 21st, 2017

First military deployment, and that's my basic impression. It's not even sand... it's dust everywhere.

Otherwise it's about what I expected. Ali Al Salem is just a stopover before I go to my supposedly nicer assignment in Jordan.

I guess this is my life now. Whoo...

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Seen the Movie · 7:58pm Oct 6th, 2017

Thanks KMCC for actually showing it, and IGN can go blow it out their asses THAT MOVIE WAS FUN.

Yes, I can critique it but it was overall good. Everyone involved did an excellent job, and I honestly love the animation. Equestria and its occupants have never looked better, the writers and voice actors were on point, and it's not just a two-hour long episode...

We have a good My Little Pony movie.


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