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Generally love reading fan-fictions and I'm a small novelist myself. I adore post era weaponary. Especially tanks. My most faviourite being the King Tiger, Centurion & Cheiftein, and KV1.


My fellow readers · 11:03am Nov 22nd, 2014

To those that have read Twisted Nightmares: voyage of the unknown. I will be taking the story down, as the real story that the fanfic is based on has a plot change. The orginal Twisted Nightmares is based on tank warfare, whereas this fanfic version is based on naval. But now since i was writing a prequel- sequel i am deciding to use that one as the main story. That will figure Marcus's son as the protagonist instead. The new fanfic will be called Twisted Fates. For more infomation PM me. But

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