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I'm not really much of a writer, more of a fan-fiction enthusiast than a creator. I might be up for creating some cover art / proofreading though.

Some Favourites

  • Luna's Nightmare Night Challenge Luna issues a challenge to the foals of Ponyville. With the help of Discord’s magic, she turns Ponyville into a hunting ground of beasts, monsters, and foul creatures. Who is hunting who becomes unclear due to a determined group of friends. by Random_User 9,408 words · 1,548 views · 93 likes · 0 dislikes
  • Our Eminence Two strange ponies are discovered in Canterlot, and find their way into the midst of high society. by Kegisak 81,140 words · 982 views · 88 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Martial Bliss Shining Armor learns the most important tactical lesson of his life. by Skywriter 1,514 words · 23,964 views · 2,601 likes · 37 dislikes
  • Blueblood's Just Zis Guy, You Know? What if there are perfectly good reasons for how Blueblood acted at the Gala? by NemoSpecific 24,019 words · 2,211 views · 173 likes · 1 dislikes
  • Completely Platonic Caramel and Big Macintosh have been best friends since they were colts. However, some ponies have other ideas about the extent of their relationship... by Bad_Seed_72 4,069 words · 2,351 views · 329 likes · 20 dislikes

Some More Favourites

  • The Dusk Guard: Rise Steel Song is a lot of things. Earth pony. Uncle. Professional bodyguard. Retired. So when he receives a mysterious package from Princess Luna, he's understandably apprehensive. Things are never as they seem in Equestria... by Viking ZX 274,966 words · 8,183 views · 772 likes · 18 dislikes
  • Yule in a Donut Shop Donut Joe keeps his store open on Hearth’s Warming Eve. And why not? He doesn’t have anywhere else to be, and neither do the tired, bitter ponies who find their way inside. But the Eve is young, and strange things lie ahead... by Rune Soldier Dan 10,755 words · 3,897 views · 450 likes · 3 dislikes
  • The Traveling Tutor and the Librarian Twilight believes the new unicorn magic school teacher is a pretentious royal jerk. Green Grass thinks the town’s librarian is an interfering, arrogant brat. Can they teach each other differently before somepony gets killed, or worse, married by Georg 103,969 words · 10,882 views · 979 likes · 29 dislikes
  • 'Taint Natural Caramel endures a night of drinks and mares with his cousins Braeburn and Big Macintosh. by Minds Eye 2,733 words · 4,880 views · 704 likes · 8 dislikes
  • The Guardian of the Night The Royal Guard has intensified their training regimen after countless attacks on Canterlot. After months of hard training, they only accept the best of the best. Pipsqueak signs up to join these elite soldiers in order to protect a certain princess. by Car Cloth 107,946 words · 6,207 views · 951 likes · 10 dislikes

Additional Favourites

  • The Sweetie Chronicles: Fragments Sweetie Belle must find Twilight by travelling through different Fanfic worlds... by Wanderer D 451,939 words · 34,959 views · 3,011 likes · 59 dislikes
  • The Best Night Ever Grand Galloping Gala meets Groundhog Day time-loop by Capn_Chryssalid 53,935 words · 52,912 views · 4,675 likes · 70 dislikes
  • Pipsqueak Plod and the Quest for Crackers Pipsqueak and an unexpected friend set off on a quest to rediscover a Trottingham Hearth's Warming Tradition. by Kegisak 36,670 words · 251 views · 12 likes · 1 dislikes
  • The Young Filly and the Sea Once upon a time, there was a very young filly named Twilight Sparkle who went to the beach and met a very young colt named Rex. They played in the sand, looking for sea shells. And found something neither of them expected. by Georg 5,443 words · 1,779 views · 220 likes · 7 dislikes
  • To Lose When You Win Celestia is changed into a Changeling at the Canterlot wedding. Things do not go as planned for Chrysalis. by KnightMysterio 4,499 words · 10,513 views · 944 likes · 43 dislikes

Favourite Changling Stories

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