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This has been dead for a long time. I return now and again for various reasons, but I've moved on from here.

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This story is a sequel to Fire Upon Strings

My name is Selene. I'm the detective working on the missing cosplayers case. Well, More like helping. My boyfriend and his brother were part of the people who went missing. I am now one of them too.

Stuck in Equestria as Konohana Sakuya, I strive to bring the two brothers back together and maybe even home. That's all I want... To be back home.

Continuation of Fire Upon Strings. Yes, it's a Displaced story. Yes, It's rated teen for language and violence. VERY VERY HIGHLY recommended to read the first before reading this. It'll make a lot more sense.

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"Have you ever wished you can control the sun? Have the wind dance at your fingertips? Make a mighty waterfall shoot from a puddle? I have..."

Naomi Misuka and her friend, Landon Ward, are the recent victims of a Dimensional misplacement. Stranded as the two white wolves, Amaterasu and Chibiterasu, they strive to find a way home (While having a little fun with ol' Sunbutt).

I. Regret. Nothing. This has been on my mind for a looong while now and so I'm doing it. Just take nothing seriously.

I own NO pictures or music used in this story.

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My name is Jake. Or Orpheus. Which ever you want to call me, I'm used to both. I could explain that I'm a mute brony gamer and I was sent Equestria.... but I'll explain like this...

I was sent to Equestria by a merchant... a very creepy one too. He sold me a steel cosplay Evoker, thanks to my brother giving me money. I didn't think much of it at the time, but what was my luck to find an fake Evoker? Buuuut now I'm stuck in a equestria with a limited supply of Soul Points to survive on. If only I could find a Soma in Equestria...

Oh yeah, I can talk now too.

Why is my life so... weird.

Displaced story about a mute brony who plays games, preferably persona games. like that cliche hasn't been used a million times.

Tag will be updated as I go.

Cover art is temporary, or until I can find someone to make me some.

Rated teen for strong language and for violence. I mean, this is a displaced story!!! Why the heck wouldn't a displaced fight something?!

It gets a bit darker as the story goes. You've been warned.

Check out my other displaced story: The non-Equestrian Equestrian hero!

Chapters (18)

Twilight Sparkle. She's a smart unicorn-turned-Alicorn and may seem like she knows everything. But does she know about the newest things going on in the Universe?

Comment below what you want to see twilight not get! Will most likely take place more towards the Human universe than the pony but It may make some mentions. I will also update tags as I go. ENJOY!

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Today is a Saturday in equestria. Celestia is feeling bored and she wants bananas. Luna is doing dishes, Cadence is here on a visit with Shining Armor, and Twilight is in the library.


Inspired by this lovely video. Let the shenanigans ensue!

EDIT: Why is it bad that I just wanted to write something because I was bored?!?!

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A Displaced Story.

My name is Heather, and I'm stuck in Equestria. I'm hated by 2 and a half of the mane 6 and I'm stranded with a young changeling. Ok, let's see what else... Ah yes, I'm constantly changing into wolf link whenever the black twilight crystal decides. Wait, It's me? Never mind! Oh yeah, plus I'm stuck here without my best friend... I'm slowly going insane...

I know I've already written this but now I've just changed it up and tried the best to my ability to make it good.
Marked Teen because there is going to be fight scenes because you can't have a LoZ fic without fighting. I'm terrible with fight scenes so the first one I do most likely is going to be because of a fit of rage or something. The next... I might need help on.
Thanks to zekromthepokemon for the new title name!
Takes place sometime around the first few days of Twilight's alicornhood.
More tags will be added as story develops and don't worry, the main character won't turn into a pony.

Maybe... But most likely not. I'll make no promises :raritywink:

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