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By all means. I was neither obscene nor engaging in personal attacks. Calling bad writing bad is not remotely against the ToS of this site. The Great Gatsby's dialogue is an excellent example of a writer who knows the rules and when to break them, notwithstanding that the dialogue feels unnatural.

Your dialogue is an excellent example of an author who fails to read their work aloud before consigning it to the public eye, and therefore doesn't realise that no one talks like that. That Shakespeare made up words is not license to make your own up at will. That Salinger wrote an entire novel in stream of consciousness doesn't mean most stream-of-consciousness writing isn't terrible. That Fitzgerald's dialogue is deliberately stilted and uncomfortable doesn't mean that the stiltedness that comes from a lack of talent puts you in the echelon of great writers.

The rules say I am perfectly allowed to call out poor writing. They suggest, rather than whining about it, that you block me.

This is the definition of stilted writing.

F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author of The Great Gatsby which is a novel that is required reading in american high school, is often pointed out to have a stilted style of writing dialgoue.

source : pm

other than that i report you

Your writing was unreadable. I do not regret it. I give kudos to writers who deserve it.

Thanks you for destroying my account ... with your non constructive crististism of my story converted ponies - war heroine luna

Thank you for your comment. I will attempt to fix my grammer, my spellchecker picked uo everything it could, but ive no proper editor or proofreader- i hooe you understand

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