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Just a Brony who enjoys a good story.


Future stuff and old gift. · 12:26am Apr 1st, 2016

So I've been poking at different projects. Stray Shots may go on Hiatus for a bit while I'm doing other things.

However, Stray Shots and What Ifs will be getting this cover art gifted to me way back in December.

This was drawn by EZTP and commissioned by SFaccountant.
Thanks to both of you.

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Story updates and other things. · 9:17pm Jan 29th, 2016

Alright, so first off, I'd like to hand out thank yous for everyone who has either Favorited, Complemented, Liked, or Follows "Stray Shots and What Ifs?." Just the fact that there are people who enjoy my little story impulses makes it a little more fun for me.

Special big thanks to SFaccountant for the wonderful setting he's created and for allowing me to ride his coattails a little bit. :twilightsmile:

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