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I'm an editor, artist, and writer all wrapped up into one. I'm always working to better myself.


A new planet has appeared in the gamma sector. The Enterprise-D and her crew are sent to investigate.

A crossover of Star Trek: The Next Generation and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Starts at season 3 for Star Trek and after season 5 for Friendship is Magic.

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Twilight has found ancient remains of what looks like an alicorn, deep within Ponyville Castle. But what awaits her and the others when she unknowingly awakens it? Will they be able to handle it, if it all goes downhill? Will they even survive this new adventure?

Editor/Pre-reader: lilguppy99 (Chapters 1-3)
Special Thanks to: OrangishPurple

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Derpy is a secret agent for Canterlot and given a task of utmost importance of finding Celestia.

(I'm rewriting this story and making some heavy changes so look for more Derpy soon.)

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