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There are people who live life and enjoy it's ups and downs;
regardless of how high or how low their journey takes them.

Vasili Anatolyevich Maksimov is not such a person. He has lived an exceptional life in a very short time in every sense of the word. It has been both exceptionally traumatizing and exceptionally rewarding. He rose from the depths of an abusive childhood that has left him in possession of a brilliant, if not deeply broken mind to touch the much valued reward of invention and comradeship. Only to find such treasures ring hollow in his jaded world view as his past is always on the tail of his today filling his life with pain.

Events beyond his understanding have trapped the broken misanthrope to a world so much like his own and tie the disaster he considers his life to those of six mares, each one loyal, kind, generous, honest and full of laughter; whose inherent nature may have the magic needed to mend his damaged self once and for all.
Now with Editors! From Chapter 2 Forward!

Open Author's Letter
Finding Home, Discovering Life is an HiE (Human in Equestira) story, the ponies are Anthropomorphic just to let you know. Despite my description of Vasili "Vas" Maksimov above, you will notice the sad tag has been left out, that's because it is my goal to make this a story about hope and healing triumphing over inner darkness and deep emotional scars; it's also why I left out the tragedy tag. The Sex and Gore tags are there because I want to take the story into adult situations that will deal with everything from Vas's child abuse to an exploration of a budding relationship across species and the very real issues that may arise. Finally, while at this time there is no fate of the world adventure planned for this story yet it still has the Adventure tag, I for one can't think of any greater adventure than discovering a whole new world.

The story is a challenge to myself. An exercise in character development, world building and vocabulary. As always I don't have an editor, but I love feedback positive or negative, so feel free to leave it.

I hope you enjoy "Finding Home, Discovering Life"
P.S. Cover Image is by the very talented SuperSheela over on Deviantart.
Great Buffalo of Mark Ruffalo! Featured day one! Thank you all! Your awesome! I hope I can keep you entertained!

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Bee Tee Dubs I'm Hunting for an Editor!
Long Description: One month after the events of Twilight's Kingdom Part 1 & 2; Equestira and the Mane 6 are both recovering from Tirek's rampage...
Princess Twilight Sparkle struggles to deal with the responsibilities of her role as the princess of Friendship and Magic; while balancing her home life with her Marefriend of a year, soon to be captain of her guard, Wonderbolt in training: Rainbow Dash and the well being of her adopted daughter, Scootaloo whose tragic past refuses to let her go.

Applejack , Apple Bloom, Granny Smith & Big Mac as well as the rest of the local apple family find themselves overworked to the point of collapse; Tirek's destruction hardly left Sweet Apple Acres unscathed, but did leave it only functioning farm in the area, with all of Ponyville to feed while it rebuilds. Can the most dependable of all ponies handle the pressure? Or will a royal house guest be the last straw?

Rarity thrives in the spotlight; or so she thought, All four Alicorn Princesses have requested that she have a hand in re-designing Ponyville during it's reconstruction. As the repairs move on from cosmetic and to infrastructure the designer is hard pressed to find solutions that work and must learn to put aside her pride to accept help and insight from an outsider.

Rainbow Dash has always been boastful and full of endless confidence in her abilities both on and off the clock. her life is starting to outpace her, a princess marefriend, commission to the Wonderbolts, second mother to Scootaloo and now her validation as Twilight's Captain of the Guard. She only has one question, Is she really this awesome?

Perhaps it is Fluttershy that has had the roughest month of them all; Discord is to stand trial for his betrayal of Equestria, no pony will defend him; by special decree she will represent her friend without the help of those she has come to rely on. But how can she save a creature of chaos; who's already decided he's guilty?

The Road to recovery is never easy and for the Mane 6. The challenges have never been greater.

P.S. The Tags confused my drug addled brain.

Author's Open Letter
Hello everyone, this is my first Ponyfic. I recently became a Brony while undergoing treatment for spinal cancer, didn't take me long to find this site! Anywho; This is my first story, I don't have an editor yet and the meds can make me wonky so please if you find grammar issues, let me know!

You may also notice that I use forelimb or foreleg allot. I'm not yet sure if I want to take the story into "Anthromorphic" territory yet, fortunately given how useful the Ponies can make their limbs in the show helps me keep it ambiguous until I do decide. I've committed to make that choice before chapter 4.

The Concept of the story came to me while reading some of the authors. Like Darklink22, The Abyss, Mayhem Darkshadow and Ponydora Prancypants; they inspired me and you may see their amazing ideas in my story so go read their stuff!

Chapters (6)