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BEN 2.0 · 5:34am Feb 14th, 2015

Just a quick note that I'm not dead. I'm just writing to celebrate the release of Majora 3D. Also, I am quite literally done - I just need to clean up one section on the last fight, add appropriate timestamps, and do grammatical cleanup.... but...

I'll do that shit later. I gots me a remake to play!

Take care,


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B.B.B · 4:31am Nov 3rd, 2014

BEN'S Back, Bitches!

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Finally, Finally, Finally. · 12:52am Mar 26th, 2013

I have written myself out of the hole I dug. While things may not be perfect, it is a start. I have everything I want to do planned out from this point forward, so you should expect approximately 5-6 more chapters to wrap this baby up. Not too terribly lengthy, and, as a bonus, expect some of the answers you've all been asking in the upcoming chapter, 'When Worlds Collide'.

Hit the books hard - it's the crunch quarter!

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Cleanup · 5:39am Nov 29th, 2012

As most of you know, I prefer, very much, to add music and sound to my fanfiction when appropriate. I believe doing so adds a level of interactivity and immersion. With that said, however, there are a handful of problems.

I run most (if not all) of these musical tracks/sound effects through YouTube.

As we all know, YouTube is not what it was when it started. Corporations have gotten their hands into it, and we face advertisements and takedown notices on a daily basis.

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Where the hell is BEN? · 6:35am Oct 16th, 2012

Sorry everyone, for my lack of updating as of late. With midterms around the corner and getting thrown an essay every ten seconds in college (seriously, all my classes are writing-based, and all the final exams are 7-10 page research essays, so excuse me if I'm gonna be burnt the hell out from writing), I've had little room to write. Also, I'm all caught up with my work. So why is THAT of all things, being 'caught up', giving me trouble? Simple.

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Silly Filly Con! · 1:58pm Sep 23rd, 2012

So, just got back from a local con with some buddies. Place was great, and the people were awesome. So happy to see so many more bronies in the local area that I thought there were. For those who listen to Celestia Radio, you probably caught the livestream. The plushie company White-Dove showed up, as well as Jessi Nowacking, the girl who does Vynil on Wub Time. Cosplay and PMV contest, sing-along... I even almost got killed by SHEDshy. First con for the area, they plan on doing it again.

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Back to Basics · 1:20pm Sep 13th, 2012

Very simple, really. I noticed that I've been straying off off the path recently. With work and school getting thrown at me in droves, I've noticed the quality of my story is slowly going down the tubes. What happened to that sense of foreboading fear and disturbing imagery? Where is that sense of helplessness that you get when BEN is around?

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Labor Day Sendoff · 1:39am Sep 1st, 2012

So for anyone who gives a shit, I leave you all with a weekend update. I shall be, as of Saturday morning, going to the Ozarks with two buddies for the weekend. No internet access, so I can't get any work done or any chapters published (I primarily run everything through GDocs, though I have backups). As such, I leave you ladies and gents, as well as any future followers of my story with a new chapter for the weekend. Let's hope BEN doesn't drown me in the Ozarks...

Till next time, peace out.

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I'd like a coke, fry, and cheeseburger, with a side of lemon slices to go, please. · 4:41pm Aug 15th, 2012


So, I've been jotting down ideas for the future chapters. With school starting in only five days, The BEN Chronicles may soon be experiencing potential slowdowns. Now, I'm not one for writing this kind of thing, although, I HAVE done it before, and I don't find myself too terrible at it. So, what the fuck am I doing?


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See this fine motherbucker? · 6:06am Jul 29th, 2012

Whilst you wait for more torment from everyone's favorite spirit trapped in a cartridge, may I direct your attention to a good, unnoticed friend of mine? I promise you, you shall not be disappointed in what you find, for this gentlecolt's first fic. Hey, it gives you something to do, right? What else did you have planned this weekend?

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