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For how much a pony world is a fairy tale, I do my best to make it as grimm-ish as possible.


Some of my Dark Ages sketches . · 3:19pm Nov 27th, 2015

Hello again :D

I was bored in this day, so I decided to draw something about the fan-fiction quoted in the title plus something else and posting them here.

Chapter Nine's battle between Applejack and Golden Hoof.

This is the draw that started all.

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Searching for an editor . · 2:35pm Nov 27th, 2015

Hello again :)

The title already explain this Blog post: I really need an editor for my stories, especially Dark Ages .
But I don't know how an editor works nor to find one, so here this post.

Someone can explain me where I can find one ?
Many thanks again :)