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I'm really bad at setting deadlines and self-goals and then completing those deadlines and self-goals. Chat with me, I'm usually free.


Sneak peak at a new story. · 8:49am Apr 4th, 2016

My first story is on hold cause I'm just not comfortable writing it anymore. My writing style has changed since I wrote those stories. So, after reading the Arrow 18 Mission logs, a fantastic work of literature, I decided to make a new story. Link to Arrow 18 Mission Logs: Lone Ranger
So, here it is. A sneak peak at my new story, "A million miles from home."

International Times. September 35th, 2353.

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Please sign and share this petition to get rid of #dramaalert and Keemstar · 4:32pm Jan 16th, 2016


Unfortunately, my logic: · 2:50am Dec 11th, 2015

Am I disappointed in my self?
Very much so...

Am I proud of my work?
Probably not...

Have I learned my lesson?
Absolutely not...

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I need your input, and help if you are up for it. · 10:14pm Oct 20th, 2015

So, if anyone wondered why Cadet is named Cadet instead of something like a scientist's name, it has to do with the series that Upgrade is going to be. Maybe. That is what is needing to be decided. I abuse the multiverse theory because I am really bad at coming up with names.
Upgrade is suppose to be a part of a saga called The Revelations Saga, with these stories in it.
Upgrade, Priority 1, Code Blue, Retro, Authorization, Growing Mass, and finally Revelations.

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Sorry · 2:48am Oct 17th, 2015

I have zero excuses. At all. Life is fine, School is... okay I guess. I have absolutely no excuse for not working on Upgrade.
I'll try my best and continue making Upgrade, but just don't expect anything big of me.

P.S. When did my writing skills get so good? I'm rereading Chapter 2 and the sentence structure and flow, to me atleast, is like "Woah, Cadet, calm down dude."

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Oops · 7:40pm Aug 15th, 2015

Middle of writing the next chapter and then I realised something...

I completely forgot what happened in Chapter 2...

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School sucks, but it's almost over. · 9:26am May 28th, 2015

I hate our school system. There are so many ways to improve yet we have the 50 year olds who are stuck in their time control how the future learns. We are beginning to create amazing technologies, and we would be able to create more. It's the educational system that holds us back. One measly number should not determine whether or not one gets a high salary job or if on gets a job at a fast food restaurant.

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Update on life... · 4:31am Dec 18th, 2014

Sorry, everyone. I meant to have the next chapter of Upgrade ready but it is a really busy week for me in school. Let me explain with a list:

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Fast Facts: Upgrade. · 9:06pm Dec 13th, 2014

Since my first story has been approved, I've decided to give out some facts about it.

When was it made?!
To be honest, the story was written by me two or three years ago. I was going through my Google Drive and noticed it. I did, however, edited it before I uploaded the first chapter.

In a different universe...

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