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When a pony sells a few old books, he ends up meeting a certain royal apprentice and two creepy ponies that are more than what they seem.

What'll happen when his life is turned upside down because of a simple book that seems to be nothing but historical fiction?

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When a unicorn from Canterlot saves a stranger from being hit by a run away carriage, how will his good deed effect not only himself. But the Night Court of Canterlot?

Will Amber Shine be able to last long in the Night Court with the insane castle staff, ambitious nobles, and the rather 'Eccentric' Princess of the Night sending him through all matters of challenges?

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When Lyra signs herself and Bonbon up for an all expense paid vacation, what will happen when it involves going to a place no pony has been before through a portal that scientists found in the desert with the instructions they can't read?

Where do the two mares end up? What will they do on their Holiday?
And why does it sound like a headache for the one that they meet while on this holiday?

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Growing up in Cloudsdale was hard for Sky Light, always different from everypony else with no talents other than his fireworks which were the only things that he seemed to be able to do correctly.

Who will he meet on his journey across Equestria after he leaves Cloudsdale? Will you follow him on his Journey? What will happen with the Ponies he had left behind to pursue his own dreams?

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When Twilight goes to show Princess Celestia and Luna her original spell, what happens when one of smallest of things is off by a few strokes of a brush?

Why, Time is turned back for the two Princesses. And Twilight, being the royal student and by ancient and outdated laws dug up by a book keeper, has to help the now young Princesses rule while they wait for the spell to wear off.

Or will it be too late, and a Certain upstart Prince get his hoof in the door, and take over canterlot?

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After Discord's first victory over the Elements of Harmony, he decides to fix the worlds new lack of his kind. He brings a new Draconequus into Equestria, even if he had to bend the rules of dimensionary travel. He brings the new knocked out being which was knocked out in their world. After turning this person into a Draconequus will he survive even after Discord is turned to stone leaving him alone with only a case and a guide book?

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