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Whenever you feel sad, just remember somewhere in the world there's a dumb shit pushing a door that says pull.

I find any song I put here pretty lit tbh

Useless Shit No One Cares About

Why are you reading this? Seriously...

1. Favorite MLP Episode: Ponyville Confidential.

2. Favorite Superhero: Iron Man

3. Favorite Anti-Hero: Alucard (Hellsing)

4. Favorite Villian: GLaDOS (Portal)

5. Last book you Read: Halo: Shadow of Intent

6. Favorite song you keep coming back to: Plug In Baby

7. Dream pet: A big fluffy Samoyed.

8. Best horses:

9. Favorite FIM stories?: Fallout: Equestria and The Immortal Game.

10. Favorite quote: ''Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.''

11. Favorite Movie: Whiplash

12. Favorite Anime: Tied between FMA Brotherhood and Made in Abyss

13. Are you religious?:

Music Section

1. Music you hear: Rock, Orchesta, Jazz and EDM

2. Favorite music genre: Alternate Rock & EDM.

3. Favorite bands: MUSE & Arctic Monkeys

The Midnight is pretty fucking lit too tbh

4. Other bands/artists I like:

- Guns 'N Roses
- Dream Theater
- Def Leppard
- Metallica
- Soundgarden
- Nirvana
- Foo Fighters
- Sonata Arctica
- Adelitas Way ;) 7
- Green Day
- Breaking Benjamin
- The Cranberries
- Linkin Park
- Three Days Grace
- Gorillaz
- Depeche Mode
- Daft Punk
- Caravan palace <3
- Parov Stelar .

5. Favorite Guitarist: Slash.

6. Favorite Drummer: Dominic Howard (MUSE).

7. Least favorite music genre: Country/Funk

8. Favorite Song: Time is Running Out

9. Favorite Solist: Michael Jackson David Bowie

Videogames Section

1. Favorite game genre: FPS.

2. Game genres I prefer: FPS and Platformer.

3. Favorite Game: Halo.

4. Favorite Hack & Slash: Bayonetta.

5. Favorite Third Person Shooter: Gears of war.

6. Favorite Sandbox: Saints Row & GTA.

7. Favorite RPG: Xenosaga & Mario & Luigi Saga.

8. Favorite Fighting Game: Mortal Kombat.

9. Favorite Video Game Developer: None at the moment, I mostly prefer indie games nowadays

10. Favorite Video Game Composers: Gareth Coker, Mick Gordon, Lena Raine, Toby Fox and Yoko Shimomura

11. Favorite Game Character: Rtas 'Vadum (Halo) I know he's more of a book character but he's part of Halo 2 and 3 so I guess that counts

12. Favorite Horror Game: My Neighbor Pyramid Head Silent Hill.

13. Favorite Indie Game: Fuck it, this three.
- Celeste
- Both Ori games
- Undertale

14. Xbox Live GT: FirefoxArcanine
Games I currently play:
- Doom Eternal
- CTR Nitro-Fueled
- Geometry Dash

Topics of interest:
- Psychology
- Chemistry
- Music
- Video Games

Short Introduction

The pictures on the page are from, NCMares, Yakovlev-vad and Bugplayer. Go check them out if you haven't, they're astonishing artists!

Hello! One way or another you have come across with me, so:

'Bout me
Nothing much, tbqh

I like Coffee, the purple color, general animations, video games and music. Professional shitposter.

Best Things Said
I am not sorry for this Shadow
By me:

We're in an MLP fanfiction site in 2018, that mere fact renders impossible the idea of reaching a higher level of cringe.

what do you know?

I'm pretty sure I know a lot of things that you don't.

Being in favor of expression is not the same as endorsing the bad aspects of the fiction that depicts it.

By others:

Be blunt. Destroy my work, my attitude, my accomplishments.
Make my day.

Those who consider personal validation to be more valuable than a chance to improve themselves deserve neither.
~ Lord Destrustor

All the world is indeed a stage, and we are merely players, performers, and portrayers; each anothers audience outside the gilded cage.
~ Final Draft

I guess I have a lot of patience, unless it comes to something in real life, like stupid people.
~ RioT

He's so edgy, I bet he snorts razor blades and eats buzzsaws for breakfast!
~ Hamster_Master

Even Reaper from "Overwatch" would find this edgy...

We should really change "common sense" to "unique sense of judgement." It's really not common anymore...

You will get what you want, when you stop making excuses on why you don’t have it
~ Not Enough Coffee

Eat shit you filthy skank, I hope you implode of erectile dysfunction.

I hope you become a human toothpaste container and slowly have your insides pushed up until you finally realize what it's actually like to spew shit out of your mouth like you did with this comment.

This whole thread seriously go see it!

~ Lucky Seven

Ily Seven <3.

Disclaimer: Rainbow Dash is not my waifu. I have better taste.
~ Dropbear

I think Fimfiction is trying to tell you something based on the fact that you've got more stories than you do followers.

You said that I said something that I didn't say, I say that I didn't say the thing that you said I said and that's what I've been trying to say to you while you say the same thing.

I'm lazy, take a pic and show me where I said the words that you say I said in the comments saying that I didn't while I say that you say the wrong saying even though we're saying apparently the same saying on this elongation of quotes and says. You know what I'm sayin'?
~ ShadowblazeCR


They can give all the constructive criticism they want and I will even encourage them to do so. It's the guys who fail to do that, and who just point out every single fucking flaw they can find and rub it in the author's face to make him feel bad while not saying how it could be better, or just not say anything at all and thumbs-down the story just to spite him and not give a flying fuck about how it will affect him are the ones that I'm calling "haters."
~ KyuubiMakai009

You define yourself. If you let others define you that's a mistake.
~ Judge Judy.

Contrary to popular belief, no one has an obligation to be nice to anyone else.
~ Arctikfox

Because criticism has created psychopaths and dictators that have murdered millions. Hitler was criticized for his opinions and look at the monster he became, just shut up.

You know, I was perfectly inclined to continue making snarky comments here and there without really caring to much about all the edge, but this? This right here?

It's triggered me something fierce.

How fucking dare you. How fucking dare you claim criticism is what created Hitler and those like him. Hitler was a mediocre artist who because of being beaten by those who were simply more skilled than him, developed a mindset that becuase he believed he could do no wrong, believed that society was the one in the wrong.

THIS is what creates monsters like him. The belief that society, society as a whole is wrong, and they themselves are not.

THIS is what caused him to blame an entire demographic of people that had done nothing wrong.

THIS is what caused him to abuse the suffering of an entire nation to turn them into a nationalistic murder machine. THIS is what caused him to send children, children, to fight the allies in the closing weeks of WW2.

Don't you dare claim otherwise spirit. I will have none of that. NONE of it.
~ Shocks

Shocks you based madman.

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Muggony, I love you. You're so fucking stupid :heart:

Yeah, I'm a LIBERAL


...Wait, I think I was suppose to write something after each letter.

Shut up, liberal.

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Finally, you said something based.

Ralsei is best gay goat

Hey, Arcanine! You're a super cool friend, even though we've hardly talked! Every time I look onto my own profile to see all the work I haven't done, I see your comment there and it fills me with joy. I am, however, thinking of having my presence erased from this site, if they can do that yet; so are you perhaps available elsewhere? I'd be more than happy to keep you around =w=

Hey, thanks Arcanine! For the follow, of course :heart: I don't do much here right now, but I hope I earned it :D

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