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Moving, stories and more. · 10:34pm Mar 13th, 2017

Hello, welcome back to a series of unscheduled blogs. Today we are going to talk about moving out, and writing.

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So Lost - MK2

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Hello, my username is UnconditionalWho. I spend my time on the website interacting with some groups I'm part of, but I'm rarely online for high amounts of time. I mostly login to see the news and wander off.

I also write from time to time, when the wind is right and the time won't pass and that great idea arrives in my mind. What I mean by that is that I rarely write as I used to. The frequency of me releasing new stories reached a new low and I'm barely interested in writing fanfictions. I may deliver something new sometimes, although don't expect much. If I stick with a story for too long I will eventually overthink it and think how bad it is regardless if it is true or not, sometimes even deleting weeks of work, so expect one shots.

I also play video games, you can find me on Steam, my battle.net is Choppa#11977, and if you want to battle or trade pokemons (I have OR and Moon version) just ask me for my friend code and give me yours and we can plan something out.

That's all you need to know overall. If you want to know more, keep up with my occasional blogposts.

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nibba come back

2407473 Now that we are on good terms, My page glitched and it said that you had zero stories, but now it says you have two, which I'll check out, but for the evidence, the only evidence I ahve I that the both accounts were made on the same computer and pigus family using our wifi because we live in the same apartment building, and my mom let them use it

Here have a. Boop


2407456 I have and will always give you the time you need if it will help you acquire the evidence you need. And as I said, I hope we can be honest with each other and resolve this through a conversation, and in the end put our differences aside and be friend in the end.

Now, regarding writing, I have thought about it and I do write, as I have two stories on fimfiction already published and have some other stories in the works or outside the website as they have no common ground with MLP.

2407451 I understand that, I may ahve said some hateful things to you guys,and I'm sorry for that, I hope we can become friends one day, even if you don't believe me, but just give me some time, also, Hav eyour thought about writing?

2407447 I never said I was kind, I said I was calm, meaning I have patience and try to listen. Now, I'm sorry about the people that turned on you, I showed them the evidence and arguments I had and gave them the space for them to come with their own conclusions and opinions, the choice of turning on you was theirs and not mine, I don't brainwash people and I'd stand by my words anyday.

First you weren't kind, and second, it will be hard for me to be back to myself, Because of you two, some people turned on me and said hateful things, becaue o this whole thing, I've never felt so alone

2407415 Look, buddy, I don't like being shown people that lie on the internet, and I'm not saying you did, but since the mods showed both accounts were created with the same IP and you haven't showed proof of the contrary I have no way of believing your story without evidence and following your version blindly. It's very easy to play victim on the internet and we just wanted the truth

Now, I appreciate the fact you didn't block us, you could have just blocked both us and silencing our arguments and moving on, and instead you didn't, Thank you. Me and Luz are different people, I hope you can see that. While we have a common goal, his way of approaching to things is more aggressive, even sounding like an asshole at times, but it's his thing and as his friend I respect that, and I think you will be happy to know he quit fimfiction for a while, if not forever. Mine is more of a calm kind of approach, hearing both sides and looking for evidence, coming up with a final opinion once I get informed and try my best to talk it out and keep people from just lying for whatever reason they do it, be it a call for attention or otherwise.

The reason I don't believe your story, no matter how convenient it sounds for you is the lack of evidence it holds. Simple as that. I'm not someone that believes in things I hear the moment I hear them, I reach out for more information before any conclusions, because uninformed conclusions can hurt people. And not believing your side of the story is okay, people can disagree on things. I only hope that in the end I'm wrong and the story you tell is true so you are not misleading your followers, and evidence is shown so I can know I was wrong and learn from it. And if your story isn't true after all I wouldn't dance in victory or anything, because all I wanted from the beginning was the truth and only that, and all this could have been easily resolved with an apology instead of this long constant replies with arguments that only sound like an attack on the other one.

I hope you don't take this as an attack or a breakdown of your arguments, but instead as a inside of how I deal with this and my reasons to my arguments on your older blogs.

I hope we can be truthful with each other and put an end to this once and for all.

2382402 If ignored this for a few weeks, I'm still hurt that people like you and luz don't believe me, I can't show proof, becuase I can't and don't know how, I've been hurt by a lot of people in past, honestly I was hoping to follow you because somone told me you were a nice person, they were wrong, also, I never blocked you, only luz

2381775 I understand everything now, you clearly explained your side of the story WITHOUT SHOWING ANY PROOF OR ANYTHING, YOU JUST BASICALLY SAID YOU HAVE A PET DINOSSAUR AND ALL WE CAN DO IS BELIEVE YOU. nice explanation 10/10 ghost antics

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