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[no title] · 1:50pm Jan 14th, 2013

Some of you may have noticed my prolonged absense. I had been gone for so long because i am married now and has been in honeymoon. Now i am a family person, and to feed my family i had to get second job, which i did. Now i have no free time at all. I mean, i have a free time, but i prefer to spend this time with my wife, not internet.

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Important news · 1:44pm Nov 19th, 2012

Since i am having less and less free time, we (with Crushric) decided to focus on finishing one story instead of splittin our attention on all. We will temporary freeze all story except "Error's Vanuard" so we can finish it faster. Sorry for any possible inconvinience. I will still do art comissions as always, don't worry. But we wont make new chapters for other stories until we'll finish Error's Vanguard (planning 20

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I'm back! · 6:51pm Oct 7th, 2012

Austria was very fun, but now i'm back to work with brand new introduction!

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New story · 6:50pm Oct 1st, 2012

It is time for me to blast off to Austria! And i will be very grateful if i will see some comments on our new story when i'll return :D

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New format · 4:50pm Sep 19th, 2012

Hello everypony! From now on stalinviews will have a brand new format! Here's the first stalinview of this new format. It will be more like a serial show and each new stalinview will continue storyline of previous. You can see list of done stalinviews below block with blog posts V

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Duty journey · 1:17pm Sep 11th, 2012

Hi everypony! I have mixed news today. Yesterday i hit da score and now i have duty journey appointed to Vienna, Austria! This will be my first time going behind Russian border. This journey shall begin Nov 1 and i will be gone for a full weak. I really doubt that i will be in internet when i will be in Vienna (hell, i am dying to see Burgtheater! And a job will tame most of my free time anyway), so i will finish all comissions (art, stalinviews ect.) until Nov 1st!

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Gae Blog, or Stalin's return and mysterious enemy. · 8:21pm Jul 29th, 2012

Hi all! We have returned!
That was a hell of a vacation if you ask me...
Why? It was fun!
Ah, don't pay attention on her. PD is mad that we left her on that ferris wheel with her wing broken
I still want to murder you...

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Рыжий ёжик лопает толстую сумку в которой педали · 2:57pm Jul 17th, 2012

Hello, friends. Today i have a bad news, and i am very sorry about them.

I am going on vacation for a week at the Black sea. I WILL take my laptop with me, but my portable internet SUCKS (seriousely, when it has good mood it's speed is something like 36 kb/s), so i most likely wont be able to do much. Comissions are delayed. Stories most likely as well. Sorry again.

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It is done · 1:03pm Jul 12th, 2012

This is my contribution to competition i talked about earlier. Now, going back to comissions! :D

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Соревнование · 7:21pm Jul 4th, 2012

I am very sorry to say that, but all art comissions and stalinviews getting delayed due to Deviantart group competition i am participating it.

Mission: draw a composition with at least 2 pony villians
Deadline: 25th of jule

I decided to make two picture and let YOU guys decide which one shall participate. After it's done, i will return to comissions with twice power.

Counting on you to understand.

Sincirely yours.
Stalin the stallion

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