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Visual Spectrum

I am a script writer as well as a story writer. I was born in 1996. I started writing when I was eight years old and have been writing ever since.


Editing Needed for a Pinkie Pie fan fiction. · 10:25pm Sep 26th, 2014

It will be rated T. It is about Pinkie Pie helping Kayla, a girl with clinical depression, by showing her the good in the world. All characters appear as human. If you want to edit the story, tell me. Remember, it's a Pinkie Pie fan fiction, so it may not make any sense. If you want to edit it, just message me your email address, and I will give you the story with editing permissions.

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The Elements of Harmony stories · 10:13pm Aug 17th, 2014

I have a plan to write a story titled with the Element of Harmony the lesson is about. I have finished "Honesty" but it needs to be edited. I don't know if I will get all six stories done. I am having a problem with Kindness, and I know Laughter will be hard, too. Honesty and Generosity will be the easiest because they are the most difficult elements to wield.

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