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Played MineCraft for the first time today and im pissed · 12:26am Jun 9th, 2014

So i played MineCraft today for the first time i know its een out for a while but i dont care its bullshit what happened to me was not cool play minecraft they said it will be fun they said this song will explain how it went

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My family thinks that there is something wrong with me · 9:30am Jun 8th, 2014

well how should i start this i like the night its calm peaceful and no one is awake to bother me but my family thinks im crazy or something i dont know why they would think that my mother thinks i worship the devil because of my music i listen to and play i dont know why she would think that because i go to church almost every sunday she doesn't like it because i wear black and have such a grim view on life she told me im obsessed with death but im not i just find it amusing to think about she

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Death · 11:51pm May 19th, 2014

I was told by some people today that im insane that i have a sick mind because i find death amusing i was told that i would burn in hell for my thoughts and opinions i didn't know how to react to this so i just laughed a little dose my view on life and death really make a bad person i think of life as a pretty lie while death is just the cold hard truth if anyone has a thought on this please tell me i dont care if its a complement or an insult actually i find insults rather funny

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