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Takes place immediately after Chapter 6 and before Chapter 7 of Lithe Kamitatsy's Two's Company, Three's a Crowd. The scene is what I imagined had happened shortly after Octavia ran off in tears at hearing Rolando's harsh words.

Rated Teen due to language. As always, criticism is welcome. Please note any mistakes, I didn't go back to make corrections. I included the ending of Chapter 6 in case the readers were confused on what's happening. The actual story begins at the scene change marked with these "~~~"

If the author requests that I take down the story, I will do so out of respect.

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This story is dedicated to the amazing Bonejingle as a farewell to her, for she is leaving this site. Her beautifully crafted fic Watch and Learn inspired me to create this story.

In high school, the jocks have always been considered as the popular ones. Their word is law. They see anyone below their ranks as a nobody.
At least, that was what Octavia thought. So why is Vinyl trying to befriend her when she's a "music nerd"? It just doesn't make sense. Vinyl is the high school quarterback and captain of the football team. Octavia is the head cellist for the school orchestra. They're from two different worlds, it wouldn't work.


Rated teen for swearing. Sex tag for innuendos, nothing too explicit. Criticism is welcome. If there are any mistakes, please let me know
EDIT: Temporary cover art, made by me. Story is still humanized.
EDIT 2: Chapter 1 edited by NightmareAngel

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It began fifteen years ago when I lost my brother to those...things. And now their back again... I didn't ask for this, I already lost one pony... So why me? Why do I have to suffer?
Why do I have to lose more?
Eventual TwiDash

For the purpose of this fic, the season 3 finale will not be canon. Therefore, Twilight is not an alicorn.
Gore tag in case for future chapters
Cover art made by me

EDIT: Might add Dark tag for future chapters.

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Vinyl and her wife Octavia are expecting their baby soon. They've waited nine months for the baby to come to terms, but why are things making them wait longer? And why does everything have to be so PAINFUL?

This is my first time writing a fic, let alone a comedy. I'm focusing on being able to "show, not tell." Criticism is welcome. Enjoy!
Rated teen because Octavia has a potty mouth
EDIT: I forgot to point out that this fic was partly inspired by Lithe Kamitatsy's Two's Company, Three's a Crowd

Chapters (1)
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