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Spin, spin, spin, around and around we go. Let yourself go; if you follow me, you will turn blue, for I will breathe life into your hopelessness...

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Please be warned that the following story will contain hardcore gore, vore, cruelty, and many other possible disturbing material to certain audiences, the main style of my stories are for the microphiliacs and macrophiliacs, so please--Read at your own risk, there will be pre-content warnings on every chapter as a precaution. You've been warned, so I recommend against reading this, or any other of my stories if you're easily offended by/or you simply hate macro/micro material, because this story is full of it.

A small town in Utah is captured and teleported into Equestria, where the humans are nothing but insects, and treated as such, being specimens.

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A non-canon sequel to Labba94's comic series 'Midnight Eclipse'.

On one of the sunniest days in Canterlot history, all seems to be civilised... Until an innocent pony is turned into a montserous maniac, thanks to the many xenophobic citizens of the higher-up class vilifying somepony based upon how they look.

This fic is part of a gift to gift commission.

See the original comic, here: http://labba94.deviantart.com/gallery/42475083/Midnight-Eclipse

Chapters (5)
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