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Stuffs! · 5:59pm Nov 2nd, 2014

Right, so... sorry about putting my `What Lurks in the Shadows` story on hitaus (did I spell that right?), but I kinda have writers block for that story. However, I do believe my new story idea is pretty well planned. I am hoping it will get good feedback, and that everypony will enjoy it as much as I have writing it! Thanks for the wonderful support!
Keep writing, my friends!
~ Arsty

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No worries. I think it is turning out to be an amazing story. You are doing a great job. I could never be that good in detailed writing. You got skill in your writi g and your drawing.

1662098 I'm glad you liked it....:pinkiehappy:

I was worried I'd goofed it up, since it seemed to have died somewhat since I posted it...I'm a little scared I've mucked it up.:fluttercry:

To be honest, I had a slight hope you would use it. I am glad you like how I drew her out. I just finished the newest chapter, by the way. It was wondeful!

<---- my avatar is now so much awesome! :twilightsmile: thanks again!

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