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Heyo, I'm Solid Stone of 4chan's /mlp, I'm that old writer who has been around since 2011, and I've finally decided to make a permanent archive of my works here. I'm still ongoing, and I take requests

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Let's have a song there govna!

My face taking a request

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My face when I can never achieve my life dreams of becoming an author.

and finally my face when I'm actually writing


Taking the night off · 10:27pm Apr 24th, 2014

No update today.

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Hey man, it's Disco from Fingerbang. I'm not sure if you're aware, but we also now have a group on Fimfiction.



1108072 No problem :twilightsmile: I wish you good luck with your stories, and feel free to ask if you need something.

- PedroHander

whelp its official. My worst story became my most viewed.

Oh well.
Guess its time to work on the others so they can be viewed 100 times as much, and that this will just be a flash in the pan.

Thanks for chatting! If anything this night has re-ignited my fire to do even better.
Video somewhat related

1107777 Oh, don't worry about the reports/story content. As long as you don't write anything with excessive rape, or pedophilia, it's fine. You can't get banned for story content.

I dont mind the downvotes, in fact with that particular one I encourage it.

Its the attention its getting that is disturbing me, and I'm worried that it'll block out anything else I write.

One of these scenarios.

Hey there's a new chapter to The Pink Mile!
Isn't that by that one guy who made that horrible disgusting fiction?
LOLNOPE instant downvote, ignore, report filed.

This is a much different world than /mlp where I can just write without worry.

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