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I'm an MLP/Sci-Fi crossover writer. 'Nuff said. My stories seek to answer but these three, simple questions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SC5QT6CWiSM


The Tantabus.
The Sunburst Imagin.
The Changelings.
And…someone else?
You thought they were defeated. You thought wrong. Now the Mane 6 must face their revenge.

This story is a continuation of each of my previous Henshin One-Shots, linked above; we jump right in, so read them first for context. Crossover with Kamen Riders Den-O, Kiva, Gaim, Kabuto, Hibiki, and Ghost.

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Another Ponyville is under siege by a swarm of Worm-like changelings, and only one hero can stop them. The one name in this world you need to remember. Shining in the sky after every storm, a speed faster than your eyes. Rainbow. Dash.

(Henshin One-Shot, Kamen Rider Kabuto crossover. Warning: Gen3.5 incoming.)

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Several years ago, dinosaurs suddenly appeared in Equestria, taking over the landscape. The ponies grew walls of trees around their cities for protection, forced into hiding inside. And it worked, until…that day…

Suddenly, dinosaurs with elemental powers began appearing inside the city walls, transformed from ponies themselves! But can this dino-shifting power also be used to defend the ponies? Which heroes will rise to use it? And what does all of this have to do with several curious stones unearthed only months prior to the dinosaurs' first arrival?

(My Little Pony, Dinosaur King, and Attack on Titan walk into a blender.)

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In the Toyroom, a game you’ll play.
If you win, you’ll be okay.
But do be careful, that you don’t stray.
If you want out, it’s the only way.
But you’d better, hope and pray,
That you don’t, fade to gray,
Or in the Toyroom, you will stay,
For the rest, of all your days!
Good luck, everypony!

Cut off from the TARDIS and without the Doctor's help, Derpy and Star Hunter must win at Discord's unfair games to survive and escape this realm outside of normal reality. But why has Discord brought them here? What is he really after from the Doctor? And can this tagalong Pinkie be trusted?

(Doctor Who crossover; adapted from the Classic Who story "The Celestial Toymaker". Three of its four episodes are "lost" and exist only as recorded audio and screenshots, so I thought I'd do my part in "saving" them. My version aligns to the original in outline only.)

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Kamen Rider Build, the briiiiliant physicist Sento Kiryu, has found himself in Ponyville with no memory of how he got there. However, he quickly finds that new Smash are here, too, created by a mysterious villain named Faust who quickly steals all of his Full Bottles. Now Sento has to "build up" a new arsenal of Best Matches and fight back, but what is this Faust really after?

Are You Ready?

(Kamen Rider Build crossover, from a gap in the middle of episode 13.)

Chapters (3)

A villain twice defeated returns again, this time building power through stealing magic. Can Twilight resist the temptation of forbidden power?

Alternate ending to "EqG: Friendship Games"; Kamen Rider Gaim crossover, Henshin One-Shot. Indented View format suggested for best experience.

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A Very Minty Ganma Christmas

When Minty goes to extreme lengths to save Christmas for Ponyville, her devotion and spirit unlock a heroic power…a power that the Ganma are all too eager to get their ghostly hands on.

(“Behind the scenes” of MLP G3's “A Very Minty Christmas”, featuring Kamen Rider Ghost; Henshin One-Shot.)

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This story is a late-occuring event from My Roommate is a Monster…Tamer, released early for Halloween.

As a Monster Tamer, Vinyl normally only deals with invisible Monsters and Equestrian mythical wildlife. However, when something escapes Tartarus, Vinyl is recruited personally to catch it.

(The main story is a crossover with Monster Allergy, though this chapter in particular borrows from Reaper as well.)

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Everypony knows there's no such thing as invisible monsters living alongside us. Vinyl Scratch knows better.

After years of seeing things nopony else could, Vinyl discovers that she is a Monster Tamer, a special group of ponies with the inherent ability to see and control the denizens of the invisible Monster World existing alongside the world of ponies, and goes under the instruction of a talking cat who isn't a cat. To keep the peace in and around Ponyville, Vinyl must learn the ins and outs of being a Tamer, and in doing so, ends up fighting everything from chimaeras to giant centipedes. But things might get a bit complicated by the presence of her new roommate, Octavia, whom she has to keep all of this a secret from.

(An MLP / Monster Allergy fusion crossover. If you don't know Monster Allergy, think NBC's Grimm, but as a funny cartoon.)

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This story is a non-canon spinoff of Kamen Rider EqG

When the Hikari Studio appears nearby Canterlot High, Tsukasa has to find out what must be done in this world for which he has no sealed Rider Card.

(Kamen Rider Decade stumbles upon an A.R. World version of my "Kamen Rider EqG" story. Some details are shared between the two worlds, but don't take everything here as fact for the main story.)
(This story is most conveniently read in Indented format instead of Double Spaced.)

Chapters (2)
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