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Logging out (For the most part) · 12:57am May 13th

I have decided that I need to step away from MLP for the next while, mostly writing as I feel kind of constricted, doesn't help that all but 2 of things I wrote are MLP and I need to broaden my horizons a little, I'd also like to venture into new fandoms

This is more directed at Last warrior fans, it is not over just you wait, I've got plans and ideas just no idea how to put them into words...

Also, I have persona 5 so that needs to be played a lot... Then there's my RWBY/PJO project

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Last Warrior info update, and extra info · 6:29pm Oct 31st, 2018

I am fairly busy this week and possibly next week so the next chapter will be delayed, I don't like this as the last chapter was left on a bit of a cliffhanger.

On the bright side, I've decided on the plots for a couple side stories. These side stories were kind of hinted at in the prologue of "The Last Warrior" and I've been looking forward to writing them.

I've come up with the main villain for arc 2 and possibly arc 3, arc 4 was mostly worked out before I started.

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The Next Chapter of 'The Last Warrior' · 12:40am Oct 11th, 2018

This chapter has given me some issues, I couldn't figure out how to word parts of it and others felt out of place based on the rules I have for this world.

and I finally finished it, so woot update!
No, it isn't.
I didn't like the chapter and scraped it, the new chapter will go over FireFLy and start explaining the rules of this world a bit.
so sorry for the delay, was busy all summer with stuff and now isn't the best time with college but ill have time over the weekend

BD out

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so i finally got a proper editing software · 11:31pm Mar 29th, 2018

although it doesn't seem to work on those title sections... weird

so I am currently using it to edit each chapter of 'The Last Warrior'
this will delay the next chapter just a bit (well so will my works on ff.net but that's not as important)

so you can find me on ff.net at

ill be uploading TLW there soon as well as a few other works that I have planned... mostly in Danny phantom but meh

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So about the last warrior... · 3:37am Nov 16th, 2017

So the last Warrior will have very infrequent updates, life got in the way
I have some big plans for the series but they might be a while.
So I have taken it upon myself to reveal these plans

The Last warrior
Arc one: The Beast
Intermission one: The Monastery
Arc two: Power Of Harmony

Intermission two: The Gaurdian

The Unchained Warrior
Arc three: Nightmare
Intermission three: societal adjustment
Arc four: The War
Epilogue: Consequences

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Yo, I'm back · 8:53pm Mar 16th, 2016

First things first, I'm back but I am not the same, I spent a lot of time on other sights and learned some things. I made some friends and lost all my shame, and apparently my fear and ability to care what others think of me and my work.

As of now, my three story's have 48 hours to live and than I move on.

So, welcome friends to a new age, an age were you can like my work follow me and be as awesome as you can or be an ass and buck the hell off
Go f**k a cactus

Blazingdusk out.

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