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Scootaloo, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle are my favorite characters. TwiDash-Scootadopt every step of the way!

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so i finally got a proper editing software · 11:31pm March 29th

although it doesn't seem to work on those title sections... weird

so I am currently using it to edit each chapter of 'The Last Warrior'
this will delay the next chapter just a bit (well so will my works on ff.net but that's not as important)

so you can find me on ff.net at

ill be uploading TLW there soon as well as a few other works that I have planned... mostly in Danny phantom but meh

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2414942 As an avatar, not really. As a story cover art, yes.

2414941 do you care if I use?
Also need to read thoseveral storys

BD out

2414935 Yes, I had it made for my sequel to I'll Always be Here for You.

2414906 I was told that it'should yours

Nice avatar.

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