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A no pony really. Seriously why are you viewing me much less watching. I not that great a writer and I'm probably never will. At least I'm good with games.

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This story is a sequel to A Confusing New World

Cancel Cause I ain't feeling it anymore

It's been a year since Pokemon came to Equestria. At first they cause panic around the world but now stand by each other side by side. Arceus thinks he save his children from humans, but a new threat always appears in a form of his own children.

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Serene is your average Spike's replacement assistant for Twilight's son, Alternate Dawn. (Don't ask who his dad is) Anyways it's her afternoon break time so time to relax, eat some textured vegetable protein that looks like bacon, and read comics that suck her in the comic world. So your average Tuesday if it doesn't involve: getting hit by a Aerial Ace, monsters that have life bars from random games (Hopefully it's not from monster hunter), and Alternate Dawn trying to kiss just to get your ID. But hay at least it doesn't involve reading bad fan fiction for an actual good fan fiction.

This is just some side story to Vavacung's Crazy Future
Here's link: http://vavacung.deviantart.com/art/Crazy-Future-Part-01-479283157
Also if you can't tell, this might break the forth wall and just all in all random.

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Anthea, a young somewhat blind unicorn mare, can't go to sleep at night unless somepony is making contact or there's a source of light. Anthea has a cutie mark about calming ponies and making them fall asleep with her magic. It's sad that she's unable to do this to herself but maybe she just needs a little help from the night.

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Frankie might not be the best trainer, but he sure loves his pokemon so much, he decides to release them all, so they could live freely, except for one of his pokemon that will follow him no matter what. He travels around the planet, helping any pokemon or people with their problems with his Pikachu, until one day while visiting Professor Burnet, things change.

Side Story to A New World, A New Way
Romance? Maybe a little

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I want to thank Sketcha-Holic for giving me permission to use her OC
The Rock Farmer's Daughter
Read it first because you might get a spoiler, but why are you reading a side story and not the amazing story above, and beside this is a side story that not canon unless Sketcha-Holic says so, she probably has an own idea

Tomato Sandwich has a busy life. He's busy at his college and been also busy with questions he get's ask time to time. You think for a business pony like him, he doesn't have any time for himself to do any personal things, but he's able to make the time especially since he been meaning to do this for a long time.

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Chrysalis assign a special changeling a mission, but soon later that changeling begins rethink of his actions. He then to cuts off with his queen for some reason, and the queen was not to happy about it. Nopony that's a changeling of course knows that he is a changeling. So now he has the changeling army after him and anypony that might figure out that he is a changeling.

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A trio of friends had to moved to Ponyville because of their sky-lords, needing the room for a richer customer. The three friends also has there own problems,and one of them is not knowing their real name.
The three friends can also find plenty of problems though out their friendship in Ponyville, and only a fast and loyal friend can help.
(Inspire by the song Loyalty by Mandopony)

Chapters (8)
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