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OH BOY · 8:19pm Sep 29th, 2017

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I Changed My Profile Picture to Best Pony. · 1:43am Dec 14th, 2015

Yup, you've heard me right. I have changed my profile picture to best pony, Sunset Shimmer. On all my accounts. This picture is just that adorable.
Zoomed in from a piece by the wonderful Left2Fail.
You dispute that Sunset Shimmer is best pony? Just look ridiculously cute she is.

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Group Spotlight #2 · 1:42am Feb 27th, 2015

Hello internet,
This is the second entry in the "Group Spotlight" segment. I didn't get much response last time, but I had fun writing it, so here I am again. If you care about this at all, post a comment; it will definitely give me some well-needed encouragement. If I see that you like it, I will do it at a much more frequent rate. Also, post some groups you are a part of or find interesting; if I like them, I'll post them.

Without further ado, here is the spotlight:

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Group Spotlight #1 · 4:02pm Feb 17th, 2015

Hello internet,
This is my first entry in a new series I will be doing called "Group Spotlight." The premise is very simple; it will feature groups I find interesting or am a part of. It will be updated at a rate between irregularly and never, unless I find that y'all find it interesting. In that case, send me suggestions; I might read them and make more.
And without further ado, here is the first spotlight:

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