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I am the offspring of Rum and MLP. Fear my Nyan Cat powers.

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Seriously though. I'm still trying to unfuck my mind after reading it. You have a new "Like", somehow.

Comment posted by Homri deleted Jul 19th, 2017

If all you wish to post is nonsense, then do not post on my personal user page. Thank you.

Comment posted by saroeweft laevv deleted Jun 9th, 2017

I appreciate you adding my story to your Pleasant Reads section! :yay: Don't forget to check out the rest of the Observations Universe.:rainbowdetermined2:

2335335 Yeah no prob. You like drunk humor, how can I not?

Heya, thanks for the follow and stuff.

2316123 Eh, a friend suggested your stories, I have then them a read, and I actually kinda liked them.

2316103 That might be true, but you didn't answer my question.

2316074 No. You're the poor soul because I have set my hooks into you.

God have mercy

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