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25 followers special · 12:28pm Sep 20th, 2014

D: follow me.
A: no.
D: please.
A: NO.
D: c’mon…
A: NO!!!
D: yes. Please….
A: NO, GO AWAY YOU F***ing S*** Head. Go away. Before I stab you in the chest with a rusty old knife!
*A, kicks me out and slaps the door behind me.*
D: I take that as a maybe.

And after more whining, *cough hacking cough* I convinced Arashi69 to follow me. Which gave me

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that's it · 8:40am Sep 11th, 2014

okay. I can't take this. I'm on Fimfiction for six month and there are already three people who got banished. on a row.

rainbowdashrules95: he's a bit of a drama Queen... okay. he is a real drama queen. but still. he's a bit memorable. I wanted to help him, and so, he would be the first one with who I wrote a collab. but he pulled himself down way to hard. so he bannished himself. suicide.

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and... some stuff · 10:03pm Aug 30th, 2014

hay. I've been gone for two weeks. and that made me realise something. I'm working at a greate collab, but I never told it. I'm helping Rainbowcooldash with his story when I came to Equestria you should check it out. it's greate. and it helped me to gain a new friend. a good friend if I may say. thank you RCD. your credits gives me the feeling that I can do something good.

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sneak-a-peak from my mind 1: research · 11:16am Aug 15th, 2014

I'm off for the next two weeks or so. you enjoy that time. but first... this.

You can skip the next three paragraphs if you want. They’re not pony related at all, or have a meaning. It’s just something that I want to tell.

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not now · 8:14am Aug 4th, 2014

Hello everyone.

It's a mess out here. Balloons, cake, pie , candy, everything. Just because I'm 17 year and 365 days old. Can someone explain that that's not the same as 18?
So they can stop singing 'happy birthday'.
I don't wanna grow up.
The only good news is that it inspired me for a new story. It will be out soon.

a boy doesn't grow up, but his toys do blarp
Bow chicka bow bow.

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collab one · 8:42am Jul 26th, 2014

what do you get when I'm tired, driven by coffee and over-social? this story here
I wrote this story with Tennis Match Fan an awsome girl who wanted to work with me. so if you want to check it out, go ahead. and don't be shy to leave a comment

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goodbye · 10:39am Jun 22nd, 2014

you probably thaught that I would leave fimfiction. Right?

well, BAD LUCK!

I'm just going out for a while.
It's GMM (grand metal meeting AKA graspop) four days of drinking, metal and orgies singing
If you're there to, let me know XD

it starts thursday and it ends monday, so after the puking... I'll be back on thuesday.
so... see y'all then

BTW...some bands who're gonne come
Sabaton, Slayer, ALESTORM!, steel panter, black sabbat (Ozzy)
so...it's gonna be awesome

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random short story · 12:56pm Jun 12th, 2014

On her mighty trone, queen leona swinged with her powerful scepter. her slave entered the room with a plate filed with meat

"where is my cactus?" she asked with a angry voice.

"in your ass!" a brave knight rode inside the troneroom on his cyan colered pegasus. "and that's not the only thing that's going to end in your ass!" he said with a meen smirk. and he held his bigass blade in front of his own face.

the queen stood amazed. "yo mama" she said.

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update 14/5/14 · 12:05pm May 14th, 2014

there is a new story coming up. it's go'na take a while 'cause of editwork and stuff. but the first few pages are online over... euh... i dunno. let's say you can read it before the third worldwar. that would give me time enough.

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help · 8:34am Apr 12th, 2014

my last story (Slaughter of the everfree forest) isn't that good becaus of grammer and spelling errors. so if there is a volunteer, or you know someone, who wants to by editor, i would apriciate it.

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