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    I'm done putting it off. I can't write anymore, and I'm tired of the cycle of making a post saying I'm writing, working on a story for maybe two days, and then running out of steam and going dark for several months. I've been through so much crap recently and my emotions are so out of whack, I can't concentrate on writing long enough to put out anything I feel is worth reading anymore. I hope you guys enjoyed the few stories I was able to put out, but this is it for good. I'll leave my stories

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Comment posted by Talos889 deleted Jun 12th, 2019

I'm a derpster hear me roar!
Derp :derpytongue2:

1939960 All of the drawings I've posted on here were done by a friend of mine, not by me. My own artistic skills are quite a ways behind his, but I'm catching up :rainbowkiss:

1939903 Go to your profile settings and look for your avatar options :ajsmug:

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