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The Newest Displacer by DisplacerOfEquestrias. Review can no longer be viewed on site. Version two will be done, with less hostility. (We can hope.)

My little pony Tactics by SilverBlazeOne.
Review: Here

Hollow Shades by Dilos1.
Review: Here

It All Started When An Alien Device Did What It Did by Chaotic Speed.
Review: Here

Blacklight by Black Jack.
Review: Here

this story has no name yet i'll get one later by Discordofchaos
Review: Here

Mistake by The Lunar Toaster
Review: Here

The Speed evolved by StarCloud
Review: Here

In Blackest Garbage, In Brightest Bullshit by The Sinestro Joker
Review: Here

Gilded Tome by Golden Tomb
Review: Here

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MidnightChaos, sometimes called Middy, Midnight, or Asshole McAssBitch, is a FiMFiction user from the United States who has been writing fics for a few years now. She is an admin for Displaced, Human in Equestria, Write for Fame, Not Fun, and a few other smaller groups.

She also reviews fanfiction, most typically of the Human genre. All of her reviews have done moderately well and are quite expansive in length, but her first review, which is available on request, nearly resulted in a site ban due to the sheer viscosity of her insults directed at the user, as deserved as they were

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Yo! =3

are we going to see more of that PonyEarthVerse story of yours? =3

Comment posted by Abbilden deleted Sep 3rd, 2017
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