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Zeebra Monger

Back again do the world of equestria! Riping and tearing trought the concorrence! >/


What If.....the Princess was a Keyblade Wielders? · 11:27am Dec 14th, 2018

*walking in the beach looking to the sky full off Stars, but without the moon in the backgroung i walked humming a song of my people, thast when i stop and stop by and sign to my sign there was a was wich a concerned face looking up to me*
Princess Luna?
- Sorry Mickey.... *Holding a Keyblade with my magic aura ( The Rainfell ) point at him*

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Looking for a Bad Twilight's Story · 1:44pm Sep 9th, 2017

Cutting to the chase, i was looking for Fimfiction that Twilight would desapear for a while due to some unexpected acident, in the Fanfic it was like 3 weeks but for Twilight it was 3 years in a Civil war hell, she come back but not the mare that mane 6 used to remenber, i remenber that in the fanfic she going berseker on Pinkie Pie just because she suprise her and said she was sorry later because her losing too mane human friend that way. Its a little fuzzy but i do remenber that she lost in

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This guy · 1:37pm Dec 31st, 2015

Ern.....I still awating for Svengallop, for those who dont remember by name the manager of Countess Coloratura

And now i wait your your reply and i still stand by for a encounter between him and Blueblood probably in a clopfic, and what is your opnion about him?

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