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A continuation of A Distant Star: Atom and Twilight have been captured and need a way out. There is something obviously wrong going on with Celestia and they have to find out what it is before it is too late. Who are the Shrouded Conclave? How is Celestia involved? Why is she so determined to capture Atom? How the hell does Pinkie Pie actually work!? All of these will be answered in time (Except the last one... there's just no answer to that.)

Credit goes to primalcorn1 for the editing for chapters 1 and two, and then to TheScarecrow for the other chapters

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One clear beautiful night Twilight is stargazing, nothing uncommon there, but as she is about to pack away for the night, she spots a faint star that she has never seen before, and that none of her books mention, but on her quest to find out more about this star, she makes an unusual friend, and maybe even more than just a friend.

Little does she know that her new friend will lead her on a completely unexpected adventure as she learns more about him and about his past. As each question is answered new questions arise as Twilight is taken through twists and turns physically, mentally and emotionally, until eventually a massive secret that threatens to upturn everything she knows.

I now have an Editor, so no more terrible grammar mistakes, all credit for the Editing goes to primalcorn1

All credit goes to FeralTwilight for the picture

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