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Just A Random Earth Pony

17 years old person from Chile. I have a lot to learn about Fan fiction, Fiction and Writting itself. If you feel im doing wrong at writting and want to give some advice, be my guest, I appreciate it

Even If it says im online

There is a big probablility im not here at all, I look at fimfiction from my phone and let it open when im done.

Thanks Scootareader (Jarep is my short name)

What about me, what about me...

Well, nothing!
I dont want to show people who I am in an agresive way, like a long description in my page, If you want to know something about me, just ask, dont worry, I wont bite ;)
And while you are here, feel free to comment!
except if you are going to thank me for a follow or a favourite, I dont do it for you, I do it for me.

Last thing, I also feel the need to put quotes, however, Im sure everyone would consider them...cruel quotes...

My creation (read at own risk)

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2002197 Uhhhh... good question? What about... good stories to read?


Well Hi again I guess :rainbowwild:
What do you wanna talk about?

2001935 Here, I'll reply to you with this account from now on. :rainbowlaugh:


2001935 What!? No! I'm just writing all this crap on my tablet and I'm too lazy to change accounts, I use this account just like my other one, to read. I don't just read stories like that, in fact, I've recently been reading like, every changeling story I can find because I was interested and I was using this account because like I said earlier, I was lazy...

That was a lot of typing.


It's weird to know that I'm talking to you with the account you use for porn

Every time you answer you're looking at clop??

2001391 I was thinking the same thing :rainbowlaugh: then maybe even alicorn? :rainbowwild: Then we'd have a full set!

2001333 I know, but a guy isn't a type of pony, so I thought that was normal. But right now, the only difference between you and Just A Random Pegasus is that Pegasus temporarily changed their name for Halloween. They are now Just A Spooky Pegasus.

  • Viewing 211 - 220 of 220
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