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She had been stranded in the cold. Lost in the endless wastes beyond the edge of the map. A place where a tear drop freezes before it shatters on the ice beneath you. Princess Twilight Sparkle was about to give in, about to lose herself in the endless void.

When He came, the one they call Prophet.

Chapters (3)

The Mirror Pool is a dangerous tool and after being asked by Princess Celestia our heroine Twilight Sparkle finds out what problems can arise from such strange magic. When a creature of little inhibitions and great magical power is released on the small town of Ponyville what can our stalwart friend do to stop her.

How can you stop somepony who knows you better than you know yourself?
Twilight Sparkle...meet Evil Twilight Sparkle!

Chapters (6)

Rainbow Dash is round Rarity's boutique posing for a costume when she breaks a dusty old teapot!
Rainbow just can't understand why she is so mad! Surely their friendship isn't finished over one old teapot?


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Blessed be the Elements of Harmony, for they aided her. Blessed be the regents of the sun and moon, for they taught her. Blessed be her enemies, for they hardened her. Blessed be the Empress, for she saved us all from what had always been certain. - Prayer of Thanks to the Holy Maiden

Twilight Sparkle built this empire, saved us all from what was certain and final...
...Will she now cast us out?

Chapters (1)

Rarity is a Queen of fashion and beloved by all and yet somehow she is still single.
Roseluck is a tomboy who dreams of being more of a mare.

Can they help each other find happiness?

~~~Follow-on from previous story:http://www.fimfiction.net/story/51662/Applejack-and-the-Carrot-Twins~~~
~~~No need to read previous story but a few things might make more sense.~~~

Chapters (2)

Applejack and the apple family are always feuding with the Carrot family and one day Applejack has had enough and takes things into her own hooves.

But is it really a feud or something else?

A first Ship fic attempt.

Chapters (1)

A normal day out with her friends turns to disaster as a unknown unicorn attacks Twilight Sparkle and the gang leaving Twilight fighting for her life and trying to avenge her friends.

But who is this unicorn and why is she after Twilight?

What is she trying to show her?

Chapters (4)
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