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Hi I love reading and writing both stories and fanfics, I also love to draw I am a pretty amazing artist well most people think so but if you don't think the same as them its ok just don't hate on me.


Name: Storm Tayler Knight
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Likes: I love art & photography
Relationship Status: Taken, sorry suckas, I'm taken bitches
Other: I am an MLP/digital artist. I also have ADHD (so my emotions change a lot)

yeah this is me


Ask blog · 10:39pm Feb 21st, 2016


Go ask me questions please

Please dont ask any questions on this blog post its kinda annoying because the mods might get after me for role playing in a blog so please dont ask questions here ask them on my DA or the Tumbler above

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My OCs

PaintBrush my ponysona



(the blue earth pony)
Star Fall

A link to my gallery


Have an OC on the my little pony TV series


my Personalty type · 3:18am Jan 4th, 2015

So I took a personalty test and it turns out that I am ISFP and this is what an ISFP is


I change during the course of a day. I wake and I'm one person, and when I go to sleep I know for certain I'm somebody else.
Bob Dylan

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Welcome To My Craziness (AKA my user page)

Hello I am Storm or RainbowLightin for you who don't know my name. And I welcome you to my user page or my craziness as I like to call it.
My user-page art was made by an amazing artist know by the name MeepTheChangeling

My ponysona PaintBrush

The guy who drew her is this amazing artist known as _Vidz_

Muar of my ponysona PaintBrush

Artz done by muah

Groups I am all high and mighty in

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2048718 yeah people on the Internet are weird, but anyways I'm RainbowLightin, nice to meet ya

Hi! Someone said that they ship me with you, so... I just thought I'd come here. And... I gotta say... WOW! From what I've seen of you (which, remember, is NOTHING more than your user page) you are someone I would fall in love with (given that I could actually meet you) instantly.
'cause you're amazing...
...just the way you are!

(I still say that [NAME REDACTED] is my special somepony, though.)

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Random Fave Pics

Steam Punk Discord

Mad Hatter Eris

Alice in wonderland Discord Mad Hatter (gota love the mlp alice in wonderland crossovers)

Another Alice in Wonderland mlp crossover

Hipno Derpy

Cheshire cat most everyone's mad here

and my fave Alice in Wonderland character The Cheshire Cat

My Faves

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