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probably watching pokemon


leaving the LDS church, drinking monster and why does it taste like beer? · 9:34pm Saturday

hi, ive been doing stuff like making my bedroom into an office for studying. also trying to figure out who i am before i ultimately plunge into adulthood on may 30th.

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about the author~

hi, im dora (theodora if u want to call me by my full name when ur angry at me) heres a lil about me
im an 18 year old writer with a strange passion for lesbian horses.
i like anime, especially sailor moon and pokemon (please kojiro marry me), my church, and being sexually confused.

i've been on this site since i was 11, and ive come a long way. ill always love my little pony, forever and ever. its like a part of my personality at this point. my favorite pony is sunset shimmer, but it used to be applejack.

i hope you guys have a good time reading my stories! i have a lot of fun writing and i think thats the most important thing!

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anyone who is a fan of appledash and rarijack is a pal of mine

Thanks for the fave on The Magic of Friendship Grows! Means a lot :derpytongue2:

Thank you for becoming my follower! :scootangel:

thanks for the follow 🙂

Thanks for the follow!

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