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hello i am the lesbian


everyone on frozen ig attacking me for shipping elsa with honeymaren · 1:54pm Yesterday

so far ive had multiple people comment "ew", "no," or even curse at me in russian (?) and multiple people telling me that if i keep the post up ill get attacked by jelsa shippers (jack frost/elsa) which? honestly? getting attacked by a bunch of 13 year olds in the instagram comments section doesn't scare me one bit
im gonna keep on posting lesbian shit for my own sake if they dont like it they can ignore it <3

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about the author~

hi, im em, heres a lil about me
im an 18 year old writer with a strange passion for lesbian horses.
i like anime, especially sailor moon and sgt frog, monster high, frozen (!!), drawing, all those things that im probably too old for.

i've been on this site since i was 11, and ive come a long way. ill always love my little pony, forever and ever. its like a part of my personality at this point. my favorite pony is applejack, forever.

i hope you guys have a good time reading my stories! i have a lot of fun writing and i think thats the most important thing!

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anyone who is a fan of appledash and rarijack is a pal of mine

Thanks for the fave on The Magic of Friendship Grows! Means a lot :derpytongue2:

Thank you for becoming my follower! :scootangel:

thanks for the follow 🙂

Thanks for the follow!

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