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All I remember of the beginning of the incident was screaming, then blood, and then..... Them.... I was in a hospital after an accident that gave me a broken wing and a concussion, now, I have to escape this nightmare. A nightmare of monsters. I need to return to my family as soon as I can!
Note: My first oneshot, and also based on a nightmare I had

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WARNING! This is an OC story, proceed at your own risk!
Turbo has always been a loner. So it wasn't uncommon for Mist to see his little brother alone. But there's been a change in his loathsome behavior he's spending too much time alone in his room but something big has happened, after opening up his bedroom door to check on him. He notices, Turbo's window opened, and a letter that said "dear Mist, by the time you read this I'll be long gone, you didn't know this, but I need to find something, something important. Whatever you do, don't try to stop me, I need to do this myself. Goodbye brother, I'll see you again." Now Mist Dasher is out to find Turbo, as Turbo is out to find his romance.
OcxOC (straight ship)
First story since I had writer's block, so please be nice if it's not that great
On Hiatus until I decide what to do with this fic

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We're at war, this is the story of our adventure through the ruins of Equestria that are left. To end a war that never should've happened (this story is for all 60 of my followers)
Warning! OC Story!
German translation coming soon

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