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Just a young writer looking to post some stories of my own.

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Got confused there, sorry.

Wow. Well, that sounds unpleasant.

I went and looked at your DeviantArt page. My suggestion would be that you have a link to your DeviantArt page from your main page, and maybe a sticky mentioning that new readers can find other, related stories on your DeviantArt account. Some people also have a custom section on their userpage with things like the continuity of their stories. That way, when readers see your new story, you can say, "oh, here are the other ones."

Comment posted by Roarin Thunder deleted Aug 26th, 2015

1192308 Good idea. I'll do that next time. Thanks

By the way, it's better to put these things in your blog (and give your blog space on your user page), because otherwise they get buried under other comments.

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