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A story full of OC changelings because you can never have enough changelings.
"Words are for lying."

Far to the south of Equestria sits one of the oldest changeling hives, so much so that they rely on an antiquated burrow with dangerous biolamps to keep it warm and well lit. In this hive exists a queen, as proud as she could be. This queen's daughter, Princess Prominence, who's ability to change love into living fire magic surpasses all else. She is the Julius Caesar among her kind and best friends with an infiltrator drone known as Lazni. The two have always been close, and when they find their Queen is mistreating some refugees, the two decide to leap into action for very different reasons.
This is the story of the fall, rise, and fall of Princess Prominence.

(This story is set in my "Silverfield" Universe, and most of it's characters range from dark grey to light grey on the morality scale. This is my personal thought about them, but I hope you will disagree with me and make your own opinions about them.)

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[Oneshot] Tree Tops is born as the only earth pony in a pegasus family of loggers. After meeting another pegasus pony his own age with green wings, Tops earns his cutie mark, forever branding what he cannot enjoy on his side.

Part of a "Loose Ends" Series of short stories.

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