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Ima strong, princess, peggasister who has a strong love for writing stories n' fanfiction


Hey Bronies! It's been a while! · 1:31am Jun 6th, 2014

Hey guys! I'm starting a brand new account. (this one) I was super popular on my old one. (name was: Princess-Cadence-is-so-swag) I had at least 122 stories, 9 groups, and about 1,294,001 followers. (I miss being loved) The reason I'm making a new account is complicated, so I won't get into that. Sorry bout leaving ya'll. Anyhow, in case you don't know me, let me re-tell you a little bit about myself.
-I'm 13

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Hello my friend. How did I come to earn your follow?:raritywink:

Goodnight broooo. :duck:

1200090 It should come back up in a bit :unsuresweetie:

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