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Gilda's visit to Rainbow Dash couldn't have gone worse. What was supposed to be a fun visit ended with dash hating her. Could Gilda still manage to apologize and repair their relationship?

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Twilight is given the responsibility of studying an artifact from Panacea Bo, an ancient unicorn doctor said to be able to cure any disease. When Twilight learns that Applejack is stuck sick in bed, Pinkie Pie assists Twilight in giving it a field test.

My attempt at The Iron Author contest at Everfree Northwest. Participants had to write up to 2000(ish) words in 2 hours using 4 prompts, and authors had to use 3 of the 4 prompts in their story.

Minor spoilers below

The prompts were:
Setting: The canterlot vaults
Theme: Laughter is the best medicine
Object: An artifact
Character Type: A princess

Big thanks to Horizon for editing!

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Twilight is a smart, well rounded pony who manages to stay steadfast, calm and calculating in the face of danger and adversity. However, there is one thing that causes her to replace her characteristic logic with fear; snakes. With her fears only growing with time, will the help of her friends be enough to let Twilight understand her fears and overcome them?

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Pegasi fueled tornadoes are no joke, and require complete synchronization and teamwork. Even when everypony works together flawlessly, accidents can still happen and ponies can get hurt. Luckily that wasn't the case here... or was it?

Edited April 1st 2013 for paragraph spacing and general mistakes/rendundancies/tautologies/repetitions

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