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Writer of Fillies doing lewd things and Ponies doing cute things. People seem to dig that stuff around here. Commission Status


Heart Afire is a young colt and a future Fire Mage to-be. His parents are the Prince and Princess of a faraway land, who love and nurture their son every way they can.

One night, swaddled in blankets and his pajamas, Heart gets a tummy ache. The journey to the castle Kitchens is a long way away, and for such a young colt a potentially terrifying concept.

Will he ever make it?

A Free Commission for Hopanio

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Cloudchaser and Flitter are not only sisters, but best friends. They live together, share secrets together, and have always been there for each other when times are bad.

On a typical Friday night, Flitter is home reading and Cloudchaser is out on the town. When a date goes all wrong and Cloudchaser is left distraught, there's only one pony in all of Equestria she wants to see.

Flitter's book will have to wait.

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White Tail is a small town, bordered by miles of nowhere, a forest it's named after that ponies dare not venture into, and a sea of nothingness. It lies on the side of the road between Ponyville and Los Pegasus; both more than a couple day's journey.

As small and lonesome as such a hamlet can feel, it's a comfort to one young stallion, named for the colour of the sky on the day he was born, who knows little else.

A short story about the colour of autumn and a timid pony discovering himself.

(Contains light m/m face smoshing and cuddling.)

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Twilight was reading a book.
So why is someone knocking on her window at this hour?

Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash has been so horrendously busy with the recent coming of Autumn that she hasn't had any time for her friends. Would a late night visit really be all that bad?

A short friend-shipping one-shot for the fun of it. Please note that this is set during Season 2, and is not technically Romance Shipping, but Platonic Friendshipping.

Chapters (1)
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