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Scout Feather

Pony Writer and Leading Filly Expert. I primarily write vignettes and short stories.

Character Art Spotlight!

I have a thing for ponies in pajamas!


Hi there! The name's Scout Feather. I've written a few moderately successful fics starring mainly fillies, and have a bit of a knack for writing from the perspective of foals. I also love doing cute, slice of life fics equally as much as sexual and fetish-driven erotica.

About Me

My biggest inspiration comes from my passion for art.

I'm an idealist who often has his head in the clouds, always thinking of ideas. I work full-time in sales, and as an introvert, I come home from work fairly exhausted from interaction all day. Writing is an outlet to replenish my energy and keep my mind busy.

I'm also an avid roleplayer on a silly site called F-list, with around 15 different characters. I love thinking of stories for them and paying way too much money for art.

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