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Dubs Rewatcher once described me as "an intense literary analyst". I describe me as "a room of monkeys with typewriters."

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This fanfic was written in 24 hours as part of a Charity Challenge to raise money for BBC Children in Need and is posted here exactly as it was at the completion of the time limit.
I went into this without any plan. I'm so, so sorry.

Moondancer's house has been destroyed, which isn't the best start to the week. Of course, she's more concerned with the closure of Canterlot Public Library, after plunder vines wreck the city .

With nowhere else to turn, Moondancer decides to seek out her once-friend, Lyra Heartstrings, in the hopes of finding a place to stay the night. But when she makes her first trip to the famed Golden Oaks Library, Moondancer runs into a familiar face—one that she hoped she would never see again.

Unable to go home, and with nowhere else to study, Moondancer soon finds herself spending more time with Twilight Sparkle, and is surprised to find that their friendship is not so difficult to heal. But is it really friendship that she wants?

This fic is dedicated to:
Dubs Rewatcher, Horizon, Callypony, Pineta, Lalzu, Oroboro, GMP, Dubs Rewatcher (again), FDA, and everyone else who has donated to the ongoing fundraiser!

(Also thanks to KingRui for the awesomerific, appropriately speed-drawn cover art!)

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For all things, there is a last time…

Life is made up of these last times, but we can't know when they will be. There will, for each of you, be a last day that you walk out of your apartments or dorms. There will be a last day you see someone who is now a friend.

There will be a last day that we all meet here, on this odd little slice of the web. There will be a last day that I write a blog. There will be a last story that I submit... there will be a last day that I sign on. The same goes for you.

Six mares. Fifteen pairings. One (insane) fanfic.

Inspired in part by Ringcaat's The Combinatorics Project (and Quill's overwhelming love of all things Joyce), each chapter of Last Kisses takes one possible mane six ship and explores themes of endings, loss, and finality through their very last kiss. There are only two rules:
1) Each chapter is written in a style that reflects the couple's dynamic, or the story being told.
2) Each chapter must end when the kiss is over. No aftermath. No time to think it through. End of the kiss, end of the chapter.

Last Kisses is written as a loving tribute to the works of James Joyce, and was supposed to be written as part of the celebrations of Bloomsday 2015.

For Doseux
(Who wrote Lunnas Ache before I could finish Pinkies Wake)
For SS&E
(Whose work on .out.of.character. convinced me to give this crazy idea a try)
And, as always, for Robbie
(Who has by now read enough pony fanfiction that he really should watch the show)

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“A toast,” Spitfire said, once the noise had quietened and everypony was still, “to Rainbow Dash, for holding the most records anypony in Academy history has held. It’s no mean feat, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing her continue to push herself well beyond our expectations in the future.” There was a murmur of agreement that passed around the table, and Rainbow felt her wings twitch again. Before anypony could begin to raise their glass to their lips, Spitfire continued, “And to Soarin, who seems at last to have gained at least some level of emotional maturity in the past week.”

Rainbow Dash's life is perfect: the Wonderbolts are so pleased with her performance at the academy that they've invited her out to dinner, and she's finally getting to spend time with her idols; she's finally managed to hold down a relationship for more than a few weeks at a time, and her marefriend, Twilight, has been more supportive of her than she could have ever asked for; and she's even gotten over her cider addiction, which turned out to be a much more pleasant change than she expected.

So why does it still hurt?

Written and edited over the course of 30 days for the National Novel Writing Month challenge, Fifteen Dinners tells the story of Rainbow Dash's struggle to maintain the illusion of happiness when the one pony that matters most has grown to hate her.

For David and JD
(who hate ponies, but keep supporting me anyway)
For Vocal Score
(whose music kept me going through this crazy month)
And, as always, for Robbie
(who somehow puts up with my writing, even for fandoms he knows nothing about)

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Ever since she was small, Queen Chrysalis has dreamed of finding her people the greatest feeding ground and now she's finally closer than she's ever been to success. She's prepared her disguise perfectly and she's convinced that nopony will ever see through it. But even the best laid plans have their flaws, and Chrysalis soon finds herself trying to sabotage her own plan.

N.B. The rating of this fic has changed from "everyone" to "teen" preemptively. As far as I'm aware it's going to stay roughly rated "everyone" for quite a few chapters yet, but I don't want anyone to start reading this now and regret it later when things get a bit darker.

Chapters (8)