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"I love deadlines! I like the whooshing noise they make as they fly by." -Douglas Adams


Feeling a bit CD Projekt Red right now. · 5:36am Jan 11th, 2021

I'm not entirely sure what I should say right now. I suppose the first thing would be to apologize. I commented on Frey'd recently that I would try to post yesterday, and the weekend's already over. I wish I wasn't like this. I wish I could sit down and write for five minutes without the feeling of overwhelming dread washing over me. I wish I could just write everything I want to write without worrying whether or not it's worth it.

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Name Changed · 5:24pm Oct 10th, 2018

For reasons...

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Rewrite Cancelled!!! · 7:21pm Mar 27th, 2018

That's right. After months of hemming and hawing, I have decided I don't actually want to do a rewrite. As such, I can return to work on chapter 14. I will leave the status as on hiatus, as I'm unsure how long the new chapter will take, but the time it would have taken has been drastically reduced.

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Good news, everyone! · 7:34am Jan 25th, 2018

Chapter 3 of Who Told You This Was A Good Idea?! drops February 1st. Get hype!

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Ugh... What am I to do? · 8:22pm Dec 29th, 2017

So, I've been going back over The Unraveled Thread recently, and I'm a bit dissatisfied with what I've found. It's just kind of... I dunno, incoherent, I guess? The tone and pacing seems to be all over the place, and Sam's character doesn't seem very consistent. I just get the feeling that it's a mess. So my question to you is this: should I go back and try to rework and rewrite everything so that it's more consistent, or should I just soldier on and continue the story?

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It's something! · 12:35am Nov 24th, 2017

It may not be another chapter of TUT, but I published the first chapter of one of my side projects.

If you like fics like I Am Going to Save And/Or Destroy Equestria, ALL GLORY TO THE OVERGOAT!!!, The Substitute Demon, and 1000 Virgin Mares, 1 Frickin' Badass Dark Overdude, Infinite Facehoofing, you may enjoy this one. I hope you do, anyway.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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TUT Chapter 13 is published! · 12:35am Nov 1st, 2017

Oy vey, it's been too long. I could say I spent all of the last five months writing this chapter, but I'd rather not lie. Let's just say that, at just over 18k words (my longest chapter yet), the wait is partially justified. Never again, though. I will find better places to end the next chapters, and limit myself to one outside-of-Equestria section per chapter.

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Status update! · 2:48am Apr 8th, 2017

I'm still alive!

I figured that, it having been three months since my last chapter, you might like to know that I am, in fact, still working on Chapter 12. But between my new job and having to downsize to a smaller house, my free time's being eaten up. I'm about halfway done with thos chapter, but I'm going to do my best to get the chapter out by the end of the month.

That, and I'm working on spending less of my free time gaming and more of it writing. :twilightsheepish:

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Chapter 11 is finally out! · 5:40pm Jan 6th, 2017

And now, with a little pomp and circumstance, I present to you:


I finally decided it was good enough to publish. Only took me 3 months.

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Thank Jeebus, it's finally out! · 7:22pm Sep 3rd, 2016

Chapter 09 has been published! Rejoice!

Now on to Chapter 10!

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