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Totally not a flaker

I didn't flake out on you guys... okay, I didn't mean to...


Officially Back! · 4:05am Jul 6th, 2016

I lied, again. And it sucks. I somewhat let the few of you that are still left down, and I completely let myself down. So, now, I have a mission to not do that again. I have a laptop now, and I can get on here more often now that it's summer. Let's do it! Smack me if I don't!

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My Achievements and Things I Wanna Achieve

[ ] Write a story that actually includes the Mane Six
[ ] Write a story completely focused on somebody else's OC
[ ] Draw somebody else's OC
[ ] Finish a (non-one shot) story
[ ] Effectively edit a story that is eventually finished
[X] Get followed by 50 people
[ ] Effectively write and finish a comedy story
[X] Effectively write and finish a romance story
[ ] Write a story that reaches 10,000 words
[ ] Write a story that reaches 100,000 words
[ ] Make twelve chapters for "What happens when your birthday scenarios are overheard by the Princess of Equestria (and the sun)
[ ] Have 10 stories
[ ] Use ten OCs in one story

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Hey, thanks for favoriting Murder On Lilac Lane! :twilightsmile:

You're very welcome, my friend! Happy to do it!

1949719 No problem! Thank you so much for yours!!

Thank you so much for the follow, Ace!

I'm gonna get ya.

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