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Hey FIM... It's been a minute.


It Almost Feels Empty Here... · 5:21am Yesterday

It's weird, back when I was super active on this site and had a ton of fics up, it felt like the whole site was bustling constantly. I'm sure it still is, but all of my old friends and others that I'd edit for and whatnot are all gone. I think there's still a few of yall still kicking, but the majority of the people I used to associate with have moved on to bigger and better things.

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[ ] Write a story that actually includes the Mane Six
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[ ] Draw somebody else's OC
[ ] Finish a (non-one shot) story
[ ] Effectively edit a story that is eventually finished
[X] Get followed by 50 people
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[ ] Have 10 stories
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Hey, thanks for favoriting Murder On Lilac Lane! :twilightsmile:

You're very welcome, my friend! Happy to do it!

1949719 No problem! Thank you so much for yours!!

Thank you so much for the follow, Ace!

I'm gonna get ya.

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