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A Minty What If

What if things had worked out a little differently in Minty Christmas? What if the three G3 ponies weren't the ones we all knew? What if the secret about the Green Pony and her two friends was revealed, rocking two worlds?


Additional Tags: [G3], [Minty]

An AU of FIM, G3, concepts from Pony POV Series Season Four: Generation Transitions & Origins, and concepts from Mirror's Image, all at the same time, by a new author as his first major project so buckle up.

I must request that any edits or writing recommendation be sent to me as a PM, not in the comments


Cover art commissioned, with special thanks from Spirit Shift (deviant art: http://thespiritshift.deviantart.com/)

Chapters (48)

Sweetie Belle cast a spell that made the Cutie Mark Crusaders into full grown mares.They still don't their cutie marks or any maturity whatsoever.

Original concept: Pencil Lead/Bubble Berry
Chapters 1-2: Pencil Lead/Bubble Berry, 3-6: MintGreenConspiracy
Edited by: 3-5: Pencil Lead/Bubble Berry, 4-5: m2pt5/Emtu, 6: LavendarRegards
Cover art suggestion: MerlosTheMad

Chapters (6)